Still Floating

The Floating Home

Hello stranger…Yes we are still here and still floating! ‘m not really quite sure how six months slipped by without a blog entry. I guess life just carried on as usual but I never seem to have time to sit down and write. Or maybe I didn’t think that we were doing anything particularly blog worthy. You see, when living on a boat is your normal, it stops feeling quite so interesting, you’re just doing your thing. Of course, to other people, just living on a boat is something they dream of, devour stories about, as I did myself before we took the er…plunge…so to speak.

In some ways, this blog was never really about other people anyway. It was meant to be a journal or diary for us. I thought that it would be good to be able to look back and remember those great experiences, prompted by the…

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When A Plan Comes Together

The Floating Home

They say everything is in the detail, so we must congratulate ourselves on our planning, for our holiday of three parts, two boats and a van went without a hitch. There was one thing we couldn’t mitigate for of course: The Weather….but, England, never mind the word cup, you did us proud. There really is no place like home when the sun is shining. The Coventry Canal, Gloucester Docks, camping in the Cotswolds, Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, a Cider & Music Festival in Dorset then back again on the boat through the Staffordshire countryside had made it feel like we were away for a month not a fortnight. The Cut Glass butty was duly blacked after we had deposited her in Anderton and during our holiday we received news that she had passed her hull survey with flying colours. On returning to the boat at Glascote Basin in Tamworth…

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Summer is here!

The Floating Home

Well it really seems like after a winter that bypassed spring, summer has well and truly arrived. We have been gradually moving both boats towards Middlewich in preparation for our holiday but it feels like we have been on holiday for the last month with the amazing weather. This is the third year that we have been moving further afield and stretching our commute. We are revisiting our favoured places. It’s like meeting up with old friends. The area between Acton Bridge and the Lion Salt Works is a maze of country parks, riverside walks, meres, marshes and nature reserves. Every night we are treated to owls screeching and every morning by the cacophony of birdsong. Coupled with the glorious sunshine this really is the epitome of #smugboaterseason

Two boats means two lots of shiny things for the roof

This has been my view for the last few weeks travelling…

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Festival Season

When I first decided to get my trading licence, I didn't really intend to attend any of the many canal festivals or floating markets that are held around the country. The main reason being that as it is really just a hobby, we can't travel the distances needed and still commute to work. Apart from…Read more Festival Season

No, We Haven’t Broken Down!

The Floating Home

The journey begins! We have set off from our home mooring and this time we have our floating workshop butty boat in tow. Literally. However, we are not towing her because she has broken down as a few people have commented! A ‘butty’ doesn’t have an engine and is designed to be towed by another boat. In the canal carrying days of old, it was a way to double your carrying capacity and traditionally the women would steer the butty.

We are towing Persephone for two reasons. Firstly we are en route to Norton Canes boat yard to have some maintenance done on our motor boat Mervyn and dropping the butty off mid way to be blacked at Uplands Marina in Anderton. Secondly, since becoming a roving trader, I will have the chance to open a ‘pop up’ shop on the towpath as we travel around.

We are towing her…

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Shameless Plug

I have been absent for a few weeks as I have just been soooo busy! The Cut Glass Boat project is in full swing and I have spent the last month (is it only a month?) since becoming an official roving trader trying to build up a stock, creating new designs, developing my 'brand', sorting…Read more Shameless Plug

Year of the Spend

The Floating Home

Last year we had intended to have some maintenance done on narrowboat Mervyn, including having the sign writing changed to add our names. Everything had been booked in, the annual leave request, dry dock and importantly, the original sign writer. Travel plans for weeks in advance had been thought through so we would arrive at the desired time and it had all been meticulously co-ordinated to coincide with a VW event in Germany so that we could spend the time away from the boat having a road trip. Sounds perfect!

Life, unfortunately, has a habit of getting in the way. The sign writer had been waiting for a hip replacement and when the call came, it was slap bang in the middle of our slot. Like a domino effect our plans collapsed one by one. We decided that we would just make the best of it and have a holiday…

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